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Most of the Malankara Orthodox Syrian Christians who immigrated from Kerala in the early 1970s to New York, used to congregate at a rented church in Manhattan. 


As the immigration increased and groups of people started settling in various parts of New York, the need for churches arose. 


With the help of Late Lamented H. G. Dr. Thomas Mar Makarios, we were able to find a building to be used as a place of worship of our own. The Church has withstood a lot of trials and tribulations that has made it even stronger over the years, with the Grace of God.


As years passed, the parish flourished under the leadership of the current vicar, V. Rev. Yesudasan Pappan Cor Episcopa, and currently has strong membership of 93 members. 


Today, we are proud to have an excellent and magnificent place of worship. With the blessings of Lord Almighty, we look forward to serve Him and glorify His Holy name in this Church and we welcome all Malankara Orthodox Syrian Christians in the area to our Church. 

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